Ashish Kumar
Web Designer // Developer // SEO Expert

about me

Web Designer & Developer // SEO Expert // CS EngineerAshish Kumar

I am sporty & fun loving guy with quite a bit of skimming skills in web development, love to party & listen to loud music, smart, enthusiastic, witty, chearfull & disciplined. New innowations & technologies always fascinates me & make me inclined towards them. I am workholic & sober, to get the most out of all the available resources is what i always tend to perform. I love holidaying out with my pals, whenever i get a chance to be on vacations i always go out with my friends for good adventure trips. I want to develop some brainstroming applications that should emerge real improvement in the current Web technologies. Whenever i get time i like to do some ethical hacking just to pump up my skills :P always love to watch quite a bit of movies & cricket(live or old). Have a strong appetite for emering web technologies.


  • Holy Child School / Matriculate
  • 1994-2006
  • Hindu Vidyapeeth / High School
  • 2006-2008
  • Kurukshetra University /B.Tech
  • 2008-2012


  • Zecross Media / Software Developer
  • July 2012-present


Website Design and Development Service
SEO, Social Media & Webpage Optimization Service
Wordpress, Drupal, CMS Customization
Mobile Application Developer


Motivated, personable business professional, Successful track record as a profitable freelance web developer and a successful track record as a full-time web developer, search engine optimization consultant. Talent for quickly mastering technology and a genuine willingness to learn; currently learning to create MVC applications using Codeigniter. Diplomatic, tactful, and sociable. A love for technology; extremely productive and adaptive. Flexible, versatile, and a great sense of humor; works well in culturally diverse settings. A hard worker and great team leader. Lives and breathes technology and web development.

Web Development (Php // MySQL // MySQLi)
Web Design (HTML // CSS // LESS // Ajax // Javascript // Jquery)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO // On-Site // Website Optimization)
Networking Skills (Linux // Network Administration // Server Configurations)
Content Management Systems (Wordpress // Plugin Development // Template Development)
MVC Design Patterns (Codeigniter // Laravel)
others (Photoshop // Dreamweaver // Aptana Studio // Sublime Text)


Got any queries or have some kind of work for me ? please feel free to text me out, or u can even poke me on Facebook :P m online 24x7 ;).